Oct 29, 2008

Change the default screensaver from black to ubuntu logo

For a while I've tried to get the Ubuntu desktop team to change the default screensaver from black to the animated floating ubuntu logos, but with no luck.

The problem with the current screensaver is that the first time you meet it is when the screen suddenly turns black during the installation. That is very confusing for most users, as the first thought always is that the installation has crashed.

To avoid this confusion and help brand Ubuntu I therefor suggested that floating ubuntu should be default screensaver. This could not be done since saving power is a higher priority - witch seems like a very good reason to decline this suggestion (You can read the debate on the maillinglist links below). So on the 20. October 2008 I added yet another suggestion using both the floating ubuntu screensaver and the powersaving mode.

After five minutes the floating Ubuntu screensaver would start, and two/three minutes later again, the screen would go into a power saving mode.

To me it seems this would solve both our problems and the solution is even very simple to incorporate. However, nine days later not a single reply has been posted on the matter! Why is that?


Oct 22, 2008

DIY release poster

I get a lot of emails from people asking me to upload the release party poster without any text. So if you are having your own release party, all you need to do is download the image below and add your text. Enjoy :-)

Blank_810_poster.tif (18,6 MB)

I should mention the image file is in CMYK colors, .TIF format and is 18,6 MB

Oct 21, 2008

Danish Ubuntu 8.10 Release Party artwork

Some of you may remember my post back in Marts "Danish Ubuntu 8.04 Release Party artwork". Ones again I've made a few suggestions for this Danish Ubuntu Release Party artwork. As always, there's no guarantee that the Danish LOCO team will use my work - but if they want to, they can.

I just realize now, that the 8.04 post doesn't have the final poster that got printed! Here it is:

Oct 16, 2008

No new system sounds

I'm sad to announce that the sounds I suggested as new system sounds for Ubuntu 8.10 will not be included. It has been decided that they were too Vista-ish and what Ubuntu is looking for is something that is just as memorable as it is different.

UPDATE: You'll find a updated version on this download link https://dl.getdropbox.com/u/175241/new_system_sounds.zip

And if you missed the New System Sounds post, here it is: "New System Sounds" post.


Ubiquity (the Ubuntu installer) was going to get a new look for 8.10, but due too more crucial issues this has been postponed and that is of course very understandable.
Work has already started on the installer slideshow. You can browse the (.glade and SVG) files on Launchpad.

I really really hope the look and feel or the slickness of Ubuntu will change dramatically for 9.04 (slideshow installer, new theme, new sounds...)

In the style of OpenSUSE here is another of my PS creations :-)

Oct 14, 2008

Ubuntu Wanted update

I've added the new orange banner to the Wanted site (only HTML so far) and made a little Wanted icon for the site. Not everything is possible when you move from a mockup to actual code - especially not with my skills. Here is what the site looks like at the moment:

In case you are wondering why this screenshot is from Windows XP, the explanation is that I need Adobe Photoshop CS3 running. My old Photoshop 7 runs fine with Wine on Ubuntu, but that's another story.
When the code is converted to Durpal it should be uploaded to http://ubuntu-wanted-devel.ideatorrent.org/

The volunteer pool needs some more discussion (more developers are also needed) so that part of the project is for now postponed.

If you want to know more about the progress of the site, check the Ubuntu website mailinglist. Ironically, this project needs help it self. Anything you can contribute is welcome, basic PHP and SQL skills are necessary for coding. Contact Sense either on #ubuntu-website on the IRC, or email the Ubuntu Website mailing list.

Oct 13, 2008

Music: The Mark Shuttleworth beat

I did a few suggestion for the Ubuntu free culture showcase. I realize now
that the music I uploaded didn't have that much to do with Ubuntu.
I know this is early, but I just wanted to try out a new idea that I
want to submit next time (if there will be a next time).

http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/175241/wanted/Mark.mp3 (1,6 MB)

Oct 10, 2008

Favorite Ubuntu/linux links

If your using Ubuntu there's a few really good sites I would recommend. Here's my top five in random order:


If you got some good Ubuntu related links, please share them with us.

Oct 6, 2008

Ibex wallpaper

If you were one of the people voting on Brainstorm for animal wallpapers for Ubuntu, you might been hoping for an ibex to appear on the Ubuntu 8.10 wallpaper.
However, this isn't very likely to happen as the current wallpaper for the BEAT release doesn't.
Softpedia wrote:
...there's a brand new wallpaper and like it or not, this will be the default one for the final release of Ubuntu 8.10.

Personally I will really miss the ibex. Especially since there's some great ibex artwork on the Art-maillist. Rico Sta. Cruz have made his ibex artwork available for anyone who wants to do their own remix. Here are a few of the remix's I like - take a look below:

Oct 5, 2008

Ubuntu wanted

I've also been working on a layout for the Ubuntu Wanted site.
This will be a great tool for the community ones it's done. Sense Hofstede is doing a great job getting the project started. Of course again, this is just a mockup ;-)

Oct 1, 2008

8.10 firefox startpage

So I'm working on a firefox startpage for Ubuntu 8.10 - no guarantee it will be included, but here's a few of my suggestion. You can take a look at the 8.04 startpage here: http://start.ubuntu.com/8.04/

On the mailing list we talked about making the page fit screens with low resolution. So these versions are only 772px wide:

Here are some older version (for high resolution screens):