Jul 27, 2009

Linus: Microsoft Hatred is a Disease

In a brief interview with OS News Linus Torvalds talks about his views on Microsoft's contribution of code to the Linux kernel.

Linus hasn't actually looked at the code yet. It's driver code, low-risk and he isn't very interested in driver code anyway. He trusts the maintainers will do their jobs, but of pure curiosity, he will take a look at it when the review phase is complete.
Linus is tired of the all the negativity that surrounds Microsoft in the Linux community:
I may make jokes about Microsoft at times, but at the same time, I think the Microsoft hatred is a disease. I believe in open development, and that very much involves not just making the source open, but also not shutting other people and companies out.

It's always refreshing to hear someone level-headed discuss issues like this. I guess this is also the reason why, after so many years, Linus is still the undisputed benevolent dictator of Linux.

Source: http://www.osnews.com/story/21887/Linus_Microsoft_Hatred_Is_a_Disease_

Jul 26, 2009

Help Support iPods On Linux

Christophe Fergeau writes:

The more I hack on libgpod, the more I realize that having iPod models from various generations would be really helpful. When implementing support for setting the iPod time, for parsing the iPod timezone, for figuring out which information is useful in SysInfoExtended, ... I always end up running after people with various iPod models to make sure the code works as expected both on new and old iPods.

I'm sure some of you have old iPods they no longer use hidden somewhere in their room, if you are in this situation, a donation would be really welcome and helpful :) Even iPods with dead batteries or broken screens might be useful.

And while I'm at it, it would also really really help if I could get my hands on an old iPod touch or iPhone. Because this is where most of the work is to be done today, and without one such device, I cannot test thoroughly and get into shape stuff like that.

So if you're feeling generous today and want to help support iPods on linux, drop me an email or leave a comment!

Source: http://cfergeau.blogspot.com/2009/07/modern-begging.html

Jul 24, 2009

Nautilus, streamlined

Garrett LeSage has just posed some awesome news about the future of Nautilus on his blog.

Read more here...

Source: http://linuxart.com/log/archives/2009/07/24/nautilus-streamlined/

Jul 20, 2009

More Graphical Boot Splash Ideas

I've recived a ton of feedback after posting my first suggestion for the new graphical boot splash. This first video was a little over the top, I admit that, and it didn't follow the design guidelines from the wiki page. So I set out to create a new suggestion - one that has been on my mind since Hardy Heron (although my conceptualisaion of the sketches are gone).

Or view the short (boot splash only) .mpg version here...

UPDATE: I've uploaded an updated version that replaces the fade effect with a glow/shine. Check it out here...

Instead of loading the desktop after the boot splash, like the first video does, I added the facebrowser preview by Mat Tomaszewski (although we won't see that in Karmic, everybody loves the bling). Perhaps the throbber should spin a little faster and I should have added a bit more motion blur? Anyway, this is merely a proof-of-concept.

Again, the feedback was awesome! There was even created a ten pages thread on the ubuntuforums.org titled "Pretty Cool Boot Splash Idea For 9.10".

Despite the second suggestion being my favorite (and what I set out to create) I created a third suggestion.

This one could use some fine tuning, but I'm sure the idea will shine through.

Designing a boot splash is hard and one must remember that this is something users will see many, many times - hence abstracting is better than being too literal.

The Karmic Boot Experience wiki contains some pretty slick ideas. Among my favorites are Mr. Doob's boot and troy sobotka. Let's hope the Canonical developers have enough time to make this happen in time for Karmic Koala.

Jul 16, 2009

Graphical Boot Splash Idea

After seeing Mr Doob's awesome boot splash animation, I started working on some animations. I got some great response on my "Ubuntu 9.10 Promotion intro" video and decided to created a suggestion for the Karmic graphical boot splash.
I got a little carried away during the making of this clip (excessive use of effects - sorry!) and landed far far away from what the guidelines describe. Anyway, I've submitted the video for inspiration or perhaps even as a "don't go there" warning LOL.

Grab the high quality .ogv version from my DropBox here...

I've also been working on some more serious ideas, but I have nothing to show yet. I like the throbber I've added in the initial mockup below, but the two circles (throbber and Ubuntu logo) makes it kind of unbalanced. It's really a hard task to create something that follows all the design guidelines and looks slick.

Click to view in fullsize

More to come...

Jul 15, 2009

Exciting updates on the road to Banshee 2.0

Finally, Aaron Bockover posted news about the future of Banshee and the new clutter based interface (Netbook-focused) called Cubano.

Although Banshee still may not land in Ubuntu 9.10, the future of Banshee is looking awesome and it will be there in 10.04 for sure.

Read Arons blogpost here...

Jul 13, 2009

Get your artwork in Ubuntu 9.10

I just want to give this some attention and pass on the message. This is kind of related to my Ubuntu Wallpaper Photo Pack post (also on the wiki) I wrote before it was decided that Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10), would include a set of high quality desktop backgrounds - including photos!.
David Siegel (part of the Desktop Experience Team at Canonical, and author & maintainer of GNOME Do) posted this message on his blog today:

Ken Wimer, a member of the Canonical Design team, is running a "contest" to collect a set of beautiful desktop backgrounds to ship with Ubuntu 9.10 “Karmic Koala” in October.
In our next release, the Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10), we would like to include a set of high quality desktop backgrounds. In order to accomplish this we call on anyone and everyone to submit images which are freely licensed CC-BY-SA and follow the guidelines for inclusion.

We’ve created a photo pool on Flickr where you can submit or just browse proposed backgrounds:

Some of the guidelines include (from the project wiki page):

* Avoid prominent use of the Ubuntu logo. It appears in enough places already.
* No version numbers. Some individuals may desire to use an older theme, or use the latest theme in their older version of Ubuntu. Let your submission be about choice and do not use version numbers in your artwork.
* Avoid text, it calls for attention too much and will likely look bad when scaled. Plus it can’t be translated easily.
* Be careful with small patterns, they might become uneven when scaled.
* Consider how the wallpaper will interact with the panels, icons and windows.
* Show restraint in your use of color tone and contrast. The wallpaper sets the scene for other elements, it is not the main act.

Please join our Flickr pool and submit your images, but make sure you’ve read the complete project guidelines first. If your background makes the cut, millions of people will gaze upon your beautiful image in October.

Source: http://davidsiegel.org/

Shuttleworth about GNOME 3.0

Derstandard.at has an interesting article titled "Shuttleworth about GNOME 3.0 - What's good, what's missing, what needs work"

Sees good possibility of having a common meta-release cycle with Debian - Not sure if GNOME3 will make the next LTS. A good read... here!

Source: http://derstandard.at/fs/1246541995003/Interview-Shuttleworth-about-GNOME-30---Whats-good-whats-missing-what-needs-work

Jul 12, 2009

A Tango Internet Service Icon Collection

Breakdance is a collection of internet service icons following the Tango style guidelines, and the first release has just landed on Launchpad.

Right now it’s at version 0.1. There is 11 icons available in 48×48px, 32×32px, 22×22px and 16×16px, plus the scalable SVG version (in alphabetical order):

- Brightkite
- Digg
- Facebook
- Flickr
- Friendfeed
- Identi.ca
- Laconica
- OpenID
- Ping.fm
- Stumble Upon
- Twitter

This project right now consists of a compilation of Jakub Szypulka earlier works related to internet services. Of course all icons are available under the terms of Public Domain.

Source: https://launchpad.net/breakdance

Jul 10, 2009

Banshee + CoverGloobus = Awesome!

I've wanted to do this for a while now, and finally I've got it working as I want. I'm talking about running Banshee and the screenlet (or widget) style application CoverGloobus. This is what it looks like on my desktop:

I've created a script that will launch CoverGloobus when I start Banshee, and quit it again when I exit Banshee. Thanks to stroyan and MadCow108 from the UbuntuForums.org for helping me with this script. Here is the script:

# My first script
/home/username/.CoverGloobus/CoverGloobus.py &
banshee-1 --redirect-log --play-enqueued %U
kill $CoverGloobusPID

Of course you have write the correct path for the CoverGloobus folder.
CoverGloobus is very slick looking and easy to customize. There's some very nice themes to choose from (click the preview below). A cool feature is that CoverGloobus can download lyrics of the song your playing simply by middle clicking on the applet. This is the work of Jordi Hernàndez who also is responsible for Gloobus (which I blogged about some time ago).


- http://jordihp.deviantart.com/
- http://banshee-project.org/download/

Jul 8, 2009

Google Chrome OS based on Linux

There has been much speculation whether Google would come up with their own operating system, but now we can stop speculating. Sundar Pichai of Google wrote on their blog that they will have it ready for next year.

The upcoming operating system be called Google Chrome OS and will initially be aimed Netbook. Focus is on speed, security and ease of use, three points that Google does not think always has top priority among other operating systems.
Google Chrome OS will be a lightweight OS that can boot and get online in seconds. Security against malware and viruses are designed in from the outset and should eliminate these threats.

The OS is based on Linux and will be running on both x86 and ARM processors. As with Chrome will be open source, but the code will only be released a little later this year.
On the blog notes Pichai, that there is no close connection with Android as they go after two different markets. However, there will be areas where the two operating systems will overlap.

Unlike the Android project, Google has some important partners from the beginning. Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, Hewlett-Packard is the most well-known partners. In addition, Qualcomm, Adobe, Freescale and Texas Instruments will also team up with Google.

Source: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/introducing-google-chrome-os.html

Mr.doob's boot

As I've mentioned earlier Ubuntu Karmic will get a whole new, shiny and flicker-free boot experience. In other words, the sequence of events between switching on your computer and your desktop session will be largely redeveloped and redesigned.

The standard boot sequence will not include Usplash any longer, instead, the X-session will be started right away. Therefore, the graphical boot splash screen will have the whole X-stack available, including hardware acceleration...

The DX and Design teams are looking for help in the form of fresh, innovative concepts, and that is exactly what Mr. Doob has submitted. Mr. Doob has created a extremely simple, very slick and super sexy design as you can see below.

Xens suggested, in a thread on the ubuntu forum, that we should extend (not reduce) the boot time, because we need time to watch this beautifull splashscreen ;-)

Anyway, let's hope that the folks at Canonical embraces this design, unless they've got something even better. I'm very much looking forward to Ubuntu 9.10.

Source: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Karmic/Boot

Jul 1, 2009

Random Artwork...

I've been working with Scott Ritchie to create a "branding-ubuntu" package. His blogpost is posted on Planet Ubuntu and so perhaps you've already read that the package is now available in Karmic. Personally I think the new artwork looks much more up-to-date.
Three different vector card backs were created before I was satisfied.

While the sun was shining outside, I spent my morning inside working on random artwork. Here are some samples for you to enjoy or post critique on. Although these splash screens are created for the Ubuntu branding package, everything is still in the initial stage and nothing has been decided yet.

It's kind of hard to know what will fit the other elements of the Karmic Koala artwork. So for now, these are my suggestions. (The images should not look this compressed! Blogger is just so annoying)

Although I would really love to be free from the proprietary software I spent my money on, there's just no way to live without Adobe CS suite. Today I spent some time in After Effects and I have to say that despite being a Photoshop wizard, this is something completely different. I’m sure many companies use Adobe products because it’s so simple to create something that looks good. After familiarizing myself with the UI, I created the video below. It took two minutes using a template. Of course the downside is that there will be 500 banners that looks like yours.

I've also started working on some sound stuff, but sadly there is nothing worth listing to yet. From my Behance portfolio you can of course still grab my former system sound creation.