Jun 5, 2009

Mocking Up Aisleriot

Today I read this mailinglist post from Scott Ritchie. A new "branding-ubuntu" package allows for branding arbitrary graphics in a derivative friendly way sounds like a fantastic idea.
I really want to contribute and so today I looked at the Gnome card game Aisleriot as project number one. I wanted to create a new background for the "table" and new card backs.
The current graphics looks kind of out dated, so I quickly created this first brainstorm mockup.

As you can see (maybe you didn't notice) I used the tiled wallpaper (with the small Ubuntu logo) from my Ubuntu Wanted website layout.

There is still a long way to go for this first prjoect, and I know that my work isn't exactly what Scott Ritchie was looking for.

more to come...


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  3. This looks great :)

  4. you do a nice work :D
    which programs do you use to make those?

  5. Have a look at the KDE Games, they are so much prettier than the GNOME Games.

  6. That looks beautiful. However, the gnome-games developers aren't keen on allowing branded artwork.

    Perhaps you could draw a version of the table texture that doesn't use the Ubuntu logo? That way it could improve gnome-games upstream without requiring an Ubuntu patch.

  7. mpt -> Thanks for the link - I didn't know that they felt this way. Yes, I plan on doing some artwork that hopefully will go upstream, but for now I would really like to see the branding package land.

    Actually, it's kind of silly that the Gnome game developers aren't keen on branding when the games already include the Gnome foot logo.