Sep 28, 2016

Frequent OTA Phone/tablet updates

I've really been impressed with the Ubuntu phone/tablet development. The road seemed long from a enthusiasts device (only months ago) to a serious contender amongst major mobile operating systems just around the corner.
Although it's far from consumer-ready yet, (we are currently at the stage where copy & paste is a feature) the progress surely is promising. The OTA or Over-The-Air updates always bring a number of nice and much needed changes, improvements and tweaks to the platform. These updates are arriving roughtly every two months:

OTA-10: 04-Apr
OTA-11: 31-May
OTA-12: 26-Jul
OTA-13: 19-Sep
OTA-14 Expected: 14-Nov

I can't wait to see where the phone and tablet will be a year from now - it's a very exciting times. If you want to know what has been "fixed" in the updates, check out the Ubuntu System Image or better yet the commitlog from the landing team.