Mar 12, 2009

Jaunty Countdown Banners - Again...

I've created the first set (32 images) of countdown banners for Jaunty. Everything should be working and ready. You can grab them and the JavaScript here:
JavaScript is all new to me, but I've written a new script - which I think works better than the one I grabed of

Stéphane Vergeylen and Wolter Jolan have used javascript to dynamically modify the texte which is displayed on the banner. There is thus infinite possibility of updating the welcome text, or to animated the displayed text. See what it looks like here...
You can also grab a version of my countdown banner using this script:

There is no official Ubuntu countdown banner yet (I really like Thorsten Wilms suggestion), but Matthew Nuzum will soon meet with Kat Kinnie who is in charge of "corporate identity" to pick out the ones that are most promising.

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