Jan 11, 2010

Ubuntu Release Schedule Video

After blogging about my Ubuntu Release Schedule Video project, I received a lot of awesome feedback. Some of the feedback was received a bit too late in the process (like text suggestions) to make it in the video, but is still very much appreciated. Today I finally have something to show. Alan Pope have been so kind to provided me with the missing audio for the video. Although many people offered to help, I decided to go with Alan for various reasons. These include having English as first language, being a well known voice (UK Podcast and screencasts), having quality recording equipment. So, let's look at the result:

There's still a few thing I could/should have included, but other that I'm very happy with the result. About the YouTube subtitles that many people commented on, just send me the file and I'll add it. In case you want to add a voiceover in another language here's the .OGV source (30MB): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/175241/THIS_IS_THE_ONE.ogv

Although this video took more time to create than I intended to spend, I really want to create other similar videos. If you want to help out, please add your ideas, suggestion, comments to the wiki (kind of obsolete now that the video is done) or the forum thread.

Before I leave you, I should give a shout out to Jens Sage who (for some reason) send me this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1669637/indian_ubuntu.mp3

Once again, thanks for all the amazing feedback!


  1. Awesome work men, this make ubuntu even more professional.

    Do you have plans to traslate into other languages (with the voice)?


  2. I hope that you and the comunity can make more videos like this, we need basic tutorial videos to introduce ubuntu to the world, for example:
    - Filesystem basis.
    - Ubuntu UI using.
    - Install Software and add a apt-repository.
    - How to use Ubuntu One.
    ... and many more

  3. with a little music it would be great!

  4. I am interested in what tool have you created such a nice animations?

  5. +1 Kamil

    Great presentation indeed. It would be great to have more videos like this on other aspects of Ubuntu.

  6. Congratulations, it's a great work!

  7. Congratulations, it's amazing

    I really appreciate the shelf of the whole versions' animals.
    Something like this during the installation process (instead of the images in karmic's one) would be great.

    I concur to the question: wich application did you use to make this video?