Jan 4, 2010

I Need Your Help...

This might seem desperate, and perhaps it is, but I really need your help with a little project I'm working on. Basically I want to create an introductory video that briefly explains how the Ubuntu release schedule/cycle works. This will very much be aimed at Ubuntu newbies.

My first idea was to create an introductory video that would summarize what goes into a release cycle (Toolchain, UDS, Freezes, Alpha, Beta, RC), but that part has been postponed mostly due to my lack of knowledge in these areas (how does one describe Toolchain upload?). Anyway, back on topic, I figured I could write most of the text for the beginner friendly release schedule video myself, and so I did. There's things that have been left out and things that I properly have forgotten. This is the current draft for the voiceover:
Hi, my name is ????? and I'm here to tell you about the Ubuntu release schedule.
Every six months a new Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server release is produced.
Each release is supported for 18 months. (perhaps this should be in years?)
Upgrades to new versions of Ubuntu are and always will be free of charge.
Every two years, a LTS version is released.
LTS is a abbreviation for Long term support
With the Long Term Support (perhaps just LTS) version you get 3 years support on Ubuntu Desktop.
There is no extra fee for the LTS version, the very best work is available to everyone on the same free terms.
There is 5 years support on the LTS Server release, which makes it ideal for enterprise users making large deployments.
The official name of an Ubuntu release uses the year and month of the release as the version number.
If the release is delayed the version number changes accordingly.
The first Ubuntu release was Ubuntu 4.10 and was released in 2004 on October 20.
Since (the actual release date may change and) humans tend to prefer names rather than numbers, Ubuntu releases are also given codenames.
The codenames, uses an adjective and an animal with the same first letter. With the exception of the first three releases, code names are in alphabetical order.
Visit ubuntu.com for more information
Thanks for watching

I'm still looking for someone to record the actual voiceover - preferably someone who speaks native English. Anyone?
I desperately need help with this, so if you want to contribute in any way, I will appreciate it. Also, if you think this project is a waste of time, please let me know :-)


  1. Just out of curiosity, what are your long term plans for this video?

  2. Sounds good to me, I'll support you from Sweden!

  3. Good idea. Can't say i'm a Ubuntu vet myself, but i guess i could help you with that. Not native speaker, but i got an upstate New York accent if that helps :-)
    You can contact me at offrampextreme(at)googlemail.com

  4. Man those graphics look awesome. I'm the target audience, ha, had no idea that Canonical would be supporting 8.04 till 2011. Sometimes, it bothers me that stuff breaks in ubuntu. So I might roll back to 8.04. Good project man.

  5. Adil Arif -> What do you mean by long term plans? Ones it's done I'll upload it to YouTube and perhaps other places (suggestion are welcome).

    Fuze -> Great!

  6. it doesn't read too badly so far - perhaps a bit formal. I'm not sure what kind of connection you're trying to go for here - informing people already using Ubuntu, potential users...?

    Stick with saying 18months and not 1 and a half years - not only does it sound quicker (!) it's the preferred way of saying "1 and a half years" in most English speaking countries. (I'm a Brit, i'm being self-aggrandising! =P)

    I think the video would a cool tool in informing people via different medium - I'm not sure if it adds anything as opposed to just reading about it. Will there be examples? What will be on screen?

  7. ill give it a shot, even if im not a native speaker (german). But since i have the equipment which i bought for tasks like this (that never occured) it's a nice activity.

    sooooo if u want to provide a german version...... *g

  8. If you want an English voice, I'm happy to help. We can also upload to the ubuntudevelopers / ubuntucommunity / ubuntuscreencasts (choose one) blip.tv account, which get syndicated to a few places.

  9. I would love to help but it might be a little hard since I'm here in Peru... perhaps I may help with some ideas?

  10. rafo.dillon -> yes, please do. We still need all the text for the release cycle (Toolchain, UDS, Freezes) video. The is a dump at the bottom here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCycleVideo

    popey -> Sounds good. Great upload ideas :-)

    d0od -> Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully it will be done within the next week, so you'll just have to wait and see ;-)

    Bratwurstler -> I hope you don't take this the wrong way when I say that I really want a native English speaking person. But perhaps a German version might not be a bad idea? I would of course have to translate all the text in the animation, but still.

    Phat -> Thanks, but I didn't create the release chart (should have put the in the post - sorry)

  11. nice idea, maybe there's a way to integrate it during ubuntu intsll process.
    If you are targeting noobs I don't know if you really need to speak about the server though..
    Anyway great ideas as usual!

  12. Hi there,

    English is not my first language but if you need translated version of Chinese kindly let me know, i try my best to help.

  13. YouTube has support for subtitles, right? I'm happy to translate them to Dutch if you want to..

  14. I can help from Canada. I do speak English but I don't have a studio or any other place to record it.I have some suggestion for the narration. If here is any other way I can help let my know.

    Hi i'm ????? and I would like to explain the release schedule for Ubuntu Desktop, Netbook and Server.
    Every six months a new version is released.
    Each release is supported for 18 months.
    Upgrades to a new version is always free of charge.
    Every two years, a Long Term Support or LTS version is released.
    The Long Term Support version for the Desktop and Netbook will be supported for three years.
    The LTS will be provided under the same licence and will remain free.
    The LTS version of the server is supported for 5 years.
    The version of the release uses the year and month of the release.
    The version released in October, 2009 is version 9.10.
    The first release of Ubuntu 4.10 and was released October 20, 2004.
    Since most humans prefer a name rather than a number each version is given a codname.
    The codenames, uses an adjective and an animal with the same first letter.
    The only exception was with the first three releasesl; the code names are in alphabetical order.
    Please Visit ubuntu.com for more information.