Nov 20, 2009

UDS Overload!

I haven't exactly been keeping this blog up to date with information about and from UDS. There's simply way too much going on here for me to cover it all. I'm not going to write a long summary today either, but I've listed some links below. If you want to know more about the discussions, check the Gobby documents which contains the actual notes from the sessions.

You can get videos from UDS on our Ubuntu Developers channel, and our Ubuntu Developers YouTube channel.

My fellow blogger at is doing an amazing job, writing about the discussions and decisions made here at UDS in Dallas.

GIMP To Be Removed From Lucid; F-Spot Has Challengers

PiTiVi On Course To Become A Default Application In Lucid

Ubuntu Music Store Coming In Lucid - Gets Detailed


  1. it appeared to me that iTunes design had become the de-facto of all music player or jukebox out there. now it has arrived huh!?

  2. i really liked the concepts of ubuntu, and i hope ubuntu continue to improve better. i just installed it. my
    vaio p on ubuntu is better than the pre-intalled vista os.

  3. iTunes does have the best UI, so it is understandable that people copy it. somewhat unnecessary though to draw sketches from it - or is this just a basis for discussion?