Feb 19, 2010

Return Of The Linux Action Show

Bryan Lunduke, the Co-Host of audio and video shows at Jupiter Broadcasting, have revealed a secret that was (as he puts it) burning a hole in his… secret pocket!
On his blog, Bryan writes:
The Linux Action Show, the alpha and omega of Linux podcasts, is back.

This Saturday (February 20th) at 5pm (Pacific Standard Time) we will be recording the first episode of Season 11 of the Linux Action Show and, of course, the whole thing will be streamed live (in full video glory) over at Jupiterbroadcasting.com/live.

And, starting with Season 11, the Linux Action Show is going to a weekly schedule. That’s right. A brand-spanking-new episode, packed with Linux-y goodness, each and every week!
Will we talk about Windows Phone Series 7 Phone Windows Series Windows Phone 7 Phone? No.
Will we talk about Apple’s latest round of sticking an “i” in front of a word? No.
Will we talk about Maemo/Moblin/MeeGo, open source NVidia drivers with 3D acceleration and the latest Linux Distro releases? Oh hells yes.

So, this Saturday, head over to JupiterBroadcasting.com/live and join in the live chat while we record the return of the best freaking show about Linux to ever grace this fine planet of ours.
I have nothing against The Computer Action Show, but this announcement is a really nice surprise. I'm very much looking forward to it's return with their 11th season after over 7 months off the air.

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  1. Sounds like New Coke to me.