Feb 17, 2010

OpenOffice Isn't Good Enough For Roskilde

When I blogged about Danish schoolchildren that complained about OpenOffice I revived a lot of feedback and a lot of comments on the topic. Now there's more bad/sad news for OpenOffice in Denmark.

After testing OpenOffice for about six months, the IT manager at Roskilde municipality has now chosen to abandon it and return to Microsoft Office 2007.
The reason is, according to the Danish news site Version2, that teachers, pupils and parents have experienced major problems in the application of OOo. It is especially compatibility and conversion problems, but also the speed of the program was not found satisfactory.
Another criticism, especially from students, is the difference in how Microsoft Office 2007 and OpenOffice.org is used. Students are accustomed to using Office 2007 and find it inconvenient and a nuisance to convert to OOo.
The IT manager in Roskilde municipality, Ole Bech says that in the light of the study they will continue to use Microsoft Office 2007. He does not deny that they will make another attempt with OpenOffice.org at a later time. Later this month he will be meeting with other municipalities who have experience with OOo, to exchange them.

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  1. I'm from Egypt,I think it's so difficult for me to change to OOo,because all the Whole country uses MS Office ,so if i wanted a job for example they will ask me about my experience with MS office and they don't care about OOo.

  2. As I also postet last time with the OOo issues, I think the real problem is just switching, and then hoping they'll learn it just fine over time. They should be teaching it instead.

  3. It is a shame that they switched back, but at least we can proudly say that we gave them the choice and the freedom.

  4. I dont consider either OOo or MS Office as professional software. But then I dont live in a corporate world.