Feb 20, 2010

Edubuntu 10.04 Wallpaper

A few days ago Stephane Graber posted a screenshot of the current Edubuntu desktop and I was very pleased to see that one of my wallpaper suggestion is being used.

UPDATE:  I sincerely apologize for not adding the well deserved credit for the original photo to marxicoli.

Edubuntu desktop - daily build Feb 17, 2010

The screenshot also shows the new Edubuntu Menu Editor.


  1. WTF?! This wallpaper is mine!! I make this photo in Andalucia (Spain) http://www.flickr.com/photos/ferranreyes/3940702899/

    Where is the recognition of copyright? Nobody warned me that would be used!

  2. Anyway it seems perfect that you use and would like it to appear in Edubuntu, but at least you could have told me.

  3. :) Thanks!! But i have a curiosity, how you found my picture among many photos from flickr?

  4. The menu editor will be used in the regular Ubuntu version?

  5. Reyes -> I simply browsed the entire Ubuntu artwork Flickr pool. That's why I couldn't find the image again after downloading it the first time :-)

    Antônio Pedro -> As I understand it, it's only Edubuntu, but really you should ask Stephane Graber.