Mar 27, 2008

Did you miss Ubuntu Live 2007?

Although it's almost a year ago, you might find the Ubuntu Live 2007 clips interesting if you missed it. Personally, I'm really looking forward to the next Ubuntu Live.

As founder of the Ubuntu project, Mark Shuttleworth will give an overview of Ubuntu today: an emerging force in the consumer, developer, and server platform marketplace. He will introduce some key themes for the conference, as well as the keynote speakers who will map out the Ubuntu universe and broader free software trends in more detail. This conference brings together people using Ubuntu in a wide variety of environments -- from large-scale corporate infrastructures, to government deployments across thousands of schools, on hardware that ranges from thin clients and mobile internet tablets to massively multicore servers. Shuttleworth will chart the planned course of Ubuntu over the next 12 months, including their commitment to deliver another LTS (Long Term Support) release.

Also, check out Ubuntu Live 2008:

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