Mar 9, 2008

Hardy Heron cover

I'm working on a cover for Hardy Heron. I've made a preview of the inlay and the booklet.
I wanted to create a non-geek version (Why Ubuntu 8.04 needs better marketing...) - maybe the back of the booklet should have more "geeky" information, like: kernel 2.6.24, Xorg 7.3 etc.

Please post feedback if you have any comments or suggestions - thanks.


  1. This looks pretty. great work. :D

  2. Please share your dvd cover in high resolution

  3. Where can we get an hi res verstion?
    This is great work here!

  4. Here is a link for the PDS file. You will need Photoshop to open it. I've left the back blank so you can add a customized text yourself.