Nov 30, 2008

Linux commercials

We have all seen the MAC vs. PC commercials - it's like a war! Microsoft begun fighting back, then Apple fights back, and so it will probably go on for years to come.

With SUSE 10, Novel made professional Linux commercials (and did a really good job), but recently I learned that Novel joined the MAC vs. PC war, sending Linux into the battle. The war has even spread to SouthPark. Below you can see the first two MAC vs. PC vs. LINUX commercials from Novel.


  1. Rather sad and depressing isn't it?

    Is our Free Software culture so deeply insecure that we must constantly imitate and duplicate?

    Combating the two big guys / gals on the block will mean taking the fight to them on _our_ terms and leveraging our strengths against their weaknesses. Choosing to address the public using imitation bordering on plagiarism will do nothing to help the cause.

    Sad, sad, sad.

    Great blog. Keep up the tremendous work.

  2. I agree, it's kind of sad.

    Thanks for the feedback ;-)

  3. Well, to some extent of originality and novelty in Linux regards, I pretty much agree with troy; however, I also think it was quite a nice "imitation", if we're to use such a term.
    I think in this ad' Linux strength, although quite a prevalent fact in users' concern, even further comes to attention while leaving the other two platforms obsolete.

  4. Being as on topic as possible, I'd cite the following commercials as far superior to the Novell rubbish. Well executed, stylish, distinctive voice, sometimes funny, and well aimed at a very particular audience. I'm sure you have seen these all before, so I'll start with the best of the lot from my vantage:

    Well worth watching, including the last funny one: