Nov 13, 2008

New startup sound in Ubuntu 9.04

If you feel the bongo drum sound at login is a bit outdated, you will most likely find good news in this post.
From my previous posts on system sounds, you will know that I've composed and recorded a set of sounds that were purposed for Intrepid Ibex. With good reason my sounds did not make it into the 8.10 release, but new sounds is certainly needed in Ubuntu.

For the Ubuntu 9.04 release (named Jaunty Jackalope) new sound suggestions will be purposed by the sound designer and composer Diego Stocco. A quick visit to his website will convince you that this guy is very very talented. With the next Ubuntu release due in April, Diego still have plenty of time to do his magic. The distant release date probably explains why no work yet has been published.

Will this be the guy that brings Ubuntu beautiful, unique and memorable sounds? As always, no one knows what will make it into the next release, but this sounds very promising. In the end, it's up to Mark Shuttleworth to decide what will be included. Let us hope that Mark welcomes Diego's work - you never know.

With the new teams (desktop, bling,...) in place, Gnome 3 coming, the desktop users could be in for a treat within the next few releases. Looking forward to the future with Linux.



  1. This guy is really talented!

    I just wanted to say, your link to his site is linked to "" rather than "".

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I'll edit the link right away :-)