Jun 24, 2009

New Intel/Nokia partnership a huge win for mobile Linux

ArsTechnica writes about the new Intel/Nokia partnership, where Intel and Nokia announced plans to build a new class of mobile devices that will deliver a richer Internet experience. They have formed a strategic relationship that will involve developing new Intel chips and working together to advance mobile Linux technology.

The companies said they wanted to merge the computing and mobile worlds in pocketable devices but otherwise were vague on product details. Several industry analysts were disappointed at the lack of product details in the announcement and speculated that the device could be a smartphone, an MID, a netbook, or an e-book reader. It's too early to predict, as designs of mobile devices consistently change, they said.

The strong commitment to Linux by Intel and Nokia is a sign of growing consensus in the mobile industry that the open source operating system will play a central role in delivering the underlying foundation of the software experience on portable computing products. This is for sure great new for Linux.

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Source: http://arstechnica.com/

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