Jul 15, 2009

Exciting updates on the road to Banshee 2.0

Finally, Aaron Bockover posted news about the future of Banshee and the new clutter based interface (Netbook-focused) called Cubano.

Although Banshee still may not land in Ubuntu 9.10, the future of Banshee is looking awesome and it will be there in 10.04 for sure.

Read Arons blogpost here...


  1. too sad they still use Mono...

  2. There is nothing sad about it. There are many advantages when developing applications in mono and Microsoft has announced that they will apply the Community Promise to ECMA standards 334 and 335, the specifications that describe the C# programming language and .NET Common Language Infrastructure. This means that Microsoft is providing a legally binding guarantee that it will NOT enforce its patents against Mono and other third-party implementations of the standards.

  3. I have no issue with mono at all tbh, but i'd rather see native Linux code used where possible since most of the use of mono comes from ease of not needing to adapt to linux technology and just fudging windows tech into linux.

    Rhythmbox can do all of what banshee can do and then some - if only developers would seize upon it. There were some great netbook interfaces proposed for rhythmbox, but banshee has been getting all the attention a) because it means windows developers can make linux apps easily (which is sorta great!) but b) because it means cross platform interoperabilty. Banshee for windows is released soon, and i don't want to be a stick in the mud, but i do think that Linux can't afford to loose all of it's exclusivity for the sake of cross-platform interoperabilty. What happens when the Windows banshee inpliments features that are windows exclusive? Banshee linux becomes just a poor "stripped down" version thus making linux as a whole look like "stripped down windows".

  4. I'm not saying Mono is so bad, i just think that a Linux distros should prefer native Linux programs...

  5. @ddorda

    there is nothing non-native about Mono. It has great GTK+ and Qt integration. If you think that Mono is not a native Linux code then the same can be said about python or any other language that has bindings to GTK+/Qt.

  6. Come on... pidgin has been on windows forever and there are other great cross platform linux apps. Having a cross platform app 'hurt' linux has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

    For example I LOVE banshee but I cannot use linux on this pc because of hardware problems and such, and I have personally been eagerly awaiting the widnows version of banshee, this will not stop me from ever try linux again.

    Having banshee go cross platform is only a good thing.

  7. and also @ddorda

    No, distros should prefer whatever program is better. I like rhythmbox but IMO banshee is a much better program.