Jul 20, 2009

More Graphical Boot Splash Ideas

I've recived a ton of feedback after posting my first suggestion for the new graphical boot splash. This first video was a little over the top, I admit that, and it didn't follow the design guidelines from the wiki page. So I set out to create a new suggestion - one that has been on my mind since Hardy Heron (although my conceptualisaion of the sketches are gone).

Or view the short (boot splash only) .mpg version here...

UPDATE: I've uploaded an updated version that replaces the fade effect with a glow/shine. Check it out here...

Instead of loading the desktop after the boot splash, like the first video does, I added the facebrowser preview by Mat Tomaszewski (although we won't see that in Karmic, everybody loves the bling). Perhaps the throbber should spin a little faster and I should have added a bit more motion blur? Anyway, this is merely a proof-of-concept.

Again, the feedback was awesome! There was even created a ten pages thread on the ubuntuforums.org titled "Pretty Cool Boot Splash Idea For 9.10".

Despite the second suggestion being my favorite (and what I set out to create) I created a third suggestion.

This one could use some fine tuning, but I'm sure the idea will shine through.

Designing a boot splash is hard and one must remember that this is something users will see many, many times - hence abstracting is better than being too literal.

The Karmic Boot Experience wiki contains some pretty slick ideas. Among my favorites are Mr. Doob's boot and troy sobotka. Let's hope the Canonical developers have enough time to make this happen in time for Karmic Koala.


  1. the first one was the best
    the second one looks more like windows 7 boot
    the third one sucks, i'm sorry to say that but it really does

  2. I think the first one is great. The second has the potential to be even better, but I feel like the glow was a bit over-done or something. If that got tweaked a little, it would be FANTASTIC. I hope the Canonical people are paying attention to these because having one of your designs would make an AWESOME first impression for Ubuntu 9.10.

  3. your Karmic boot experience wiki link is missing a H

  4. Great work, but I think the spinning dots in the first and second version move a bit too fast. I would prefer a more smooth animation.

  5. Hi!
    I like the first one because it's most "shocking" and a change that Ubuntu really needs.

    Id never post any comment...but maybe you are one of the persons who can improve the desing of Ubuntu.

    Congratulations...and I hope to see your first design un the karmic splash!

  6. I must also admit i liked your first idea the most. Sorry for switching to Danish. Din første ide hvor ringen i logoet fader frem synes jeg er klart flottest. Jeg må indrømme at den opdaterede version hvor der kommer det der bling-bling-sjov for mig mest minder om en dårlig compiz effekt, og lidt det samme med nummer tre. Men det er virkelig fedt arbejde du har udført, det må sige. Jeg håber dit første udlæg kommer i 9.10 eller i det mindste til 10.4!

  7. I'm with the majority in that I like the first one the best.

  8. I really loved the 1st one, i'd love to see that as my xsplash *-*
    Are you planning/working on a theme like that for xsplash?