Sep 27, 2009

A Slick Microsoft Product

Everyone knows Microsoft does spend a huge amount of money advertising. Someone claimed that if Canonical, Novel and Red Hat combined their marketing budgets, they wouldn't even be spending a third of what Microsoft is spending on Windows advertising. As you can see below, a large marketing budget does make beautiful advertising.

Of course, no sane person would actually buy a Zune. Personally, I'm waiting for the astonishing Nokia N900 to be available for sale - in case you've missed it, it is AWESOME!.

Back on topic, Microsoft also spends huge amounts of money on research. We've already heard about projects like the Surface ( or even their prototype for a next-generation office wall. But just recently I came across Courier.
Courier is a Microsoft's tablet with a UI like you've never seen it before. You might think: "How is anything in this post related to Linux?". A valid point, which makes me end this post with the words... If only it ran Linux.


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