Sep 2, 2009

Xsplash, Usplash or Plymouth?

Scott James Remnant (the Ubuntu Developer Manager) has written a blogpost that thoroughly explains why the new splash screen in Ubuntu 9.10 will use Xsplash and not Usplash or Plymouth. A very informative read.

Read his post here...



  1. xsplash is great, but how can we disable it?

  2. I'm with you. I don't see the purpose of both the usplash followed by the xsplash. I have simply uninstalled xsplash.

    sudo apt-get remove xsplash

  3. unfortunately, this does not work because of some dependency fuckup.

    I disabled it with chmod 0 /usr/bin/xsplash
    it's horrific to see this crap wasting 3 minutes of my time if I just start a simple windowmanager which takes approximately 1 second.

    Seriously, if it was my box, I wouldn't install such a horrible distribution as ubuntu.

  4. I disabled it with chmod 0 /usr/bin/xsplash because I was not allowed to uninstall it the normal way due to dependency fuckups. It wastes 3 minutes of my precious time with displaying a splash screen, even if my window manager is already loaded after one second. Whatever the person who wrote this was smoking, I suggest them to stop with it immediately!
    If if was my computer, I would surely *not* install ubuntu, for it is a horrible distribution if you want things different from the way the mainstream wants them.