Feb 11, 2010

The New Start Page Is Here

The new default start page for the Firefox webbrowser in Ubuntu 10.04 is now online. The design is kept very clean and simple. You might remember that I created a few suggestions for the Ubuntu 8.10 design myself, but I must say I really like this minimalistic look. 
There's also another huge change besides the design. The new start page will use Yahoo as the default search engine as part of Canonical's deal with Yahoo.


  1. It looks great. Simple, clean, and no more than it needs to be.

  2. Just a few questions.

    Isn't Yahoo powered by Bing? If so, doesn't that mean money for Microsoft?

    Doesn't that work against Ubuntu bug number 1 "Microsoft has a majority market share".

    Bug #1 reported by Mark Shuttleworth on 2004-08-19