Mar 11, 2010

Ubiquity Slideshow Get New Design

The folks at Canonical's design team have been working on a new design for Ubuntu's installer slideshow that matches with the new branding. This means that the design I created for Ubuntu 9.10 will be dropped. The kickass community contributer Dylan McCall who maintains the Ubiquity slideshow (also behind Day of Ubuntu as I've mentioned earlier) has already implemented most of the code for the new design. The reason I say most of the code, is because of a few technical impossibilities in the mockup created by the Canonical design team.
You can see the current progress here:

It makes perfect sense to change the design to fit the new branding, but at the moment it still needs some work in my opinion. Of course I'm sad to see my work being dropped, but hopefully it will live on in other distributions. I'm sure when it all comes together the new design will look amazing.

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  1. We can already see the new font been used. :)

  2. I suppose it make sense to make the branding fit, but I always thought the old installer look and feel gave a warm and comforting feel for new users.