Mar 4, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Has A New Default Background

The default wallpaper for Ubuntu 10.04 has been selected. Actually, we already saw the new background yesterday when the new artwork and design directions was announced. The screenshots from was using, what today landed as the new default wallpaper.

The default wallpaper for Ubuntu 10.04

As much as I love the new color-scheme, I can't help feeling that the purple/lavender color belongs to Apple. The face that every member of the design team is using a MAC as their primary laptop, might have something to do with that.

Besides the new wallpaper, the new boot splash artwork also landed today - awesome!


  1. Agreed. It's a bit "meh". But that's what you pay when you get something for free, I'll stay with my own background ;)

  2. I agree, they could've chosen another colour... Also, I would be really sad if I found out that not only many designers of the ubuntu team are using mac laptops when working for ubuntu, but adobe photoshop too. :S

  3. I don't like the color scheme as well. I'd expect something more from professional designers on the job there.

  4. I love this new colour scheme - I admit now you pointed it out it is similar to the mac background - but to be honest, how many users keep the default bg?

    At least now we all get a bit of a wow before changing the wallpaper :-)

  5. @doob, if something free means, it doesn't mean cheap ! It is just that developers don't want money for their work-of-love.

    You can't say apple as the first inventor of everything in this world, then we should respect only newton instead of all the current scientists. Apple just puts things first. That is all. you CANT say "something" belongs to apple.

    This is just open source here in this industry. People use the current best tools available and build the best thing ever.

    I love this color and splash theme too..