Mar 3, 2010

Ubuntu's New Look - No More Brown!

Finally it happened! Ubuntu now has a brand new look and feel. New LogoGktTheme, Webdesign, Boot splash and so much more. The community logos (Ubuntu QA, Brainstorm, UbuntuForums, SpreadUbuntu and Xubuntu) have also received an update. The new color-scheme is a dark purple or brownish-purple color that resembles the color of the outer skin of a European eggplant - Aubergine! (As Alan Pope points out). Pure awesomeness! Check it out:

The new light GktTheme

The new boot screen. Notice the new font that has replace the Ubuntu Title font?

The new Ubuntu 10.04 CD cover



  1. Very nice, is this in 10.04 beta 2 now?

  2. I love the new logo, wallpaper, splash screen, site, cd cover, but the themes could have been better, just take a look at the window borders! Horrible buttons. The humanity icons although great, they seem out of place. The color scheme doesn't match with the icons. I hope they change a few things before launch.

  3. When will it be possible to make an upgrade to 10.04?

  4. Jeff Rash -> No, I don't know when this stuff will land. We're still on Alpha 3 now, the first BETA is on the 18. March.

    Melvin -> I do agree. We'll see a lot of tweaking over the next six months I'm sure.

    Pastor -> You've been able to do that since November ;-)
    Use the update-manager -d commmand

  5. What's the name of the new font?

  6. James D -> I think is simply Ubuntu (Read Mark's latest blogpost)

  7. Thanks! That would explain why I was struggling to Google it. It's certainly very attractive, and I've now set the upgrade going on my 1990s dinosaur testbox, as I'm sure was the devs' intention by making it look pretty at this point.

  8. The tiger will be out April, 2010 :)