Jan 30, 2009

The Future of Compiz

Earlier I wrote about the uncertain future of Compiz, and how a lack of leadership and direction that has caused virtually no major work to get done since the Compiz Fusion creation (Beryl merger) in 2007. Looks like there's an update to that story.

In a blogpost Sam Spilsbury wrote that it looks like the developers will be going ahead with Compiz++.

On a Conference Call 2009-01-28 the future of Compiz was discussed. Finally, some decisions were made regarding the future of Compiz.
Starting from today comes into action a new committee, which will use a public, open (yet moderated to non-committee people) mailing list for decision taking. Those who reply on time will be those who are taken into account in this decision taking problem (deadline-definition is one of the first topics to discuss). Once that deadline has been reached and the decision actually been made, it will be published outside of the decision taking-specific mailing list.

There were a lot of other topics discussed:
* Deflection about conference calls (vs. mailing list)
* Communication problems
* Exploring ways of leadership
* Core issues (no ETA, no merging strategy, no public or private plan for branches)
* Problem with documentation

You can read the Compiz Conference Call summary here...

To read all of what Kristian Lyngstol had to write about the future of Compiz, read his mailing list post.

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