Jan 8, 2009

"Linux killer" in Beta

It's only very rarely that this blog features news not related to Ubuntu / Linux (You could say that this is related to bug #1), and actually I've never written about Microsoft Windows before. That changes today. A lot of blogs are writing about Windows 7 as "the linux killer" - this one doesn't - although the Windows 7 experience is overwhelming positive.

On Friday, January 9, 2009, Microsoft will make the Windows 7 Beta and the Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta available to the public via four different locations on Microsoft.com, each of which is oriented towards a different customer type. I don't have exact URLs yet, but suffice to say that the download availability will be obvious.

Microsoft learned a few lessons the hard way with the release of Vista, and there's no doubt that they'll do everything not to make the same mistakes again. With a lot of enhancements, both visual and under the hood, Windows 7 is going to be a product that will win some lost Windows users back. Windows 7 has faster boot and shutdown time, that both Vista and XP. The hardware requirements have been lowered and Windows 7 will now run well on netbooks like the eee PC.
At the recent PDC, where Windows 7 was unveiled, Windows and Windows Live senior vice president Steve Sinofsky claimed that Windows 7 used less than half of the 1 GB of RAM on his Lenovo S10 netbook," Gralla wrote on October 31st. "Making the new operating system lightweight has clearly been Microsoft's goal."
The next day, Gralla gave one more reason: "The return rate for Linux netbooks is at least four times as high for Linux machines as it is for XP ones for at least one netbook maker [MSI]... The reason? People find Linux too hard to use."
There's also rumors that users buying a computer with Vista preinstalled after July, will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 for free.

I've had the opportunity to try this new Microsoft product and I have to say, one thing Microsoft does really well is make it look good. If you are dualbooting (Linux - Windows) perhaps the BETA is worth trying out.

For more information, screenshots and reviews on Windows 7 visit Paul Thurrott's SuperSite


  1. It's like a dealer offering a new, more powerful heroin. Uh, thanks.

    I'll stick with the software developed by and for EVERYONE.

  2. i think Windows 7 is the change that windows users waiting 4 . but not to kill linux , i think they still didn't fix there viruses and blue screens , just new good looking & Fast Boot !!!