Jan 24, 2009

Improved Quit Applet

The quit applet was changed in Intrepid, but there is still potential to improve it. For this reason the QuitAppletPlus project was started and it's ready for your feedback now! :) It's not a replacement for the current Intrepid fast-switch-user applet, the ideas from both should be merged.

- all quit actions (seven!) are easy available, without overloading the view
- more intuitive action names and icons for inexperienced users
- configurable quit applet menu design/behavior
- protection against accidentally choosing wrong actions without "Are you sure?"-confirmations
- extended quit options, hidden by default
- alternative approach to protect other logged-in users if you perform shut down or restart
- graphical countdown by automatic shut down
- and finally you can power off the computer only with one mouse click!

If you want to try the quit applet plus, you can install it from a PPA repository or from a Tarball. See the wiki for more information or visit the QuitAppletPlus Launchpad site.

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