Dec 17, 2009

Banshee Gets Grid View

Earlier Aaron Bockover told us about the future of Banshee and the new Clutter based interface (Netbook-focused) called Cubano. Today, Aaron announced the new beautiful grid layout mode for the album browser in Banshee. The new code haven't been merged to master yet, because there's still a few quirks to work out, but the code is ready for some broader testing.

On his blog Aaron writes:
...That is, all the benefits of our polished list widget with a new look and feel! I’m making the widget more clever and abstracted about layout and rendering so it can be more inviting to users. In fact, you can even live-toggle between layout modes (e.g list and grid) without losing any state.

This effort provides a more visually immersing and space-conscious view for your collection of albums. This big step forward is the groundwork for presenting other media collections in a friendlier way — video thumbnails, movie box covers, audio books, photos…

Many people were sad to hear that Banshee won't become the default media player in Ubuntu 10.04 - possibly not even in Ubuntu 10.10, but that is yet to be decided. Rhythmbox will be the default music player and will get an integrated music store in the next version of Ubuntu. The music store will deliver the ability to purchase music from within Rhythmbox. Lets hope someone will intergrate the music store in Banshee as well.

As always, Banshee is looking awesome!



  1. are those development versions of banshee able to watch the content of Music folder (ala rhythmbox)yet or still not?

  2. rico-rootscore -> That was one of the issues that needed to be fixed before it could be considered as default music player in Ubuntu, but I don't know if this feature has been implemented yet - sorry.

  3. no prob. thank you anyway. nice blog!

  4. Keep on rocking, Rhythmbox. Works great :)

  5. I really want to like Banshee...and I do. But, for some reason once I add my entire collection (20+ GB)it starts lagging bad. Like, if I click on a song the current one will continue to play for a few seconds before it changes. Not sure why, but this is not the case with Rhythmbox.