Dec 6, 2009

Ubuntu 10.04 Will Have "Simple Scan"

Robert Ancell is working on making scanning on Ubuntu "just work". Currently scanning is performed using the default installed Xsane. Xsane has many options, has a style that does not integrate into the current Ubuntu desktop and does not allow scanning from within applications. In Karmic it was proposed to peplaced Xsane with the application Gnome-Scan, but Gnome-Scan was not found to be stable enough.
Robert Ancell's application titled Simple Scan is basically a frontend for SANE - which is the same backend as XSANE uses. This means that all existing scanners will work and the interface is well tested. However, this does not rule out changing the backend in the future. Besides a much cleaner interface, Simple Scan will also have a GTK+ interface that integrates nicely with the Ubuntu desktop.

Simple Scan is under heavy development, but hopefully Robert will have something solid, slick and intuitive to ship in Ubuntu 10.04.


  1. it lacks a "Preview" button, I think it should be added... Who could I ask that?

  2. That sounds like good news to me. The first and last time I used Xsane, it was not a pleasurable experience

  3. Thank you for the news.
    Yet another tool - GnomeScan was already in the good direction.
    Simple scan seems to be very, very very very simple indeed...

  4. Well, there is always VueScan, from Hammrick Software. Even proprietary, it works miracles, making non Linux scanners work on Linux. Amazing!!!