Dec 6, 2009

Ubuntu Studio Variant Of The Breathe Iconset

Cory Kontros recently announced that Ubuntu Studio is looking for a icon refresh and is considering depending on the Breathe iconset as a base for Lucid. The idea is to create new icons in the Breathe/Oxygen style and inherit Breathe as a dependency. This new look will be a nice update from the current Tango styled icons. Saleel Velankar has already made the first submissions on the wiki.


  1. Personally, I like my folders upright, though now all the modern icon sets have gone sideways. Mac did it first, dumping all the contents of the little icon onto the desktop, in an effort of brash recklessness, and drew the upended folder.

    Perhaps it's time we got rid of the "folder" concept entirely? Afterall, it's quite old, not many kids these days have seen the old manila folders that these icons are supposed to represent! :)