Jan 25, 2010

David Siegel Suggests Improvement For Launchpad Bug Workflow

David Siegel from the Ubuntu Design Team has suggested a way for opportunistic programmers to contribute to bug-fixing without knowing everything about dependencies, maintaining clean build environments, generating patches, version control systems, packaging or publishing PPAs. David wants to add a “Quickly fix this bug” to Launchpad that will download the source code and open it for you in Eclipse.

You should read the entire post, but let me just shortly summarize. David's user story consists of the following steps to create, test, and submit a patch for a small bug:
  1. Click “Quickly fix this bug” on the Launchpad bug report.
  2. Edit the source of the corresponding package in Eclipse.
  3. Build the project and test the changes.
  4. Submit the patch and comment back to Launchpad.
This would make a huge improvement in Launchpad bug workflow and the quality of software in Ubuntu - a great idea. Read "Improving Launchpad Bug Workflow for Opportunistic Programmers" here.

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