Jan 19, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 3 Goals

Many people are following the development of Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) closely, and so is many news sites:

...just to name a few. Following this development might be most interesting to developers and more tech minded people, because it often involves a lot of geeky terms. Raving Rick (aka Rick Spencer) recently wrote a blogpost titled Ubuntu desktop Alpha-2 and Alpha-3 work items update, where he provides a summery of what actually landed in Alpha 2 and writes about the re-planned for the next milestone, Alpha 3. Most of the Social From the Start items and the Xorg triaging and diagnosis tools didn't make it into the Alpha 2 release.

Alpha 3 goals
You can see the full and detailed current plan here:

So, what is planned for Alpha 3:
  • Social from the start work focused on supporting the Me Menu
  • UNE session for desktop, desktop session for UNE
  • Finish xorg triaging and diagnosis tools
  • Make the experience for users of proprietary graphics drivers more robust
  • Switching to -nouveau open source nvidia driver by default to support 3d and KMS (note that this is risky work and will depend on stability and quality of components in xorg and the kernel and will be backed outbefore end of Alpha 3 if necessary)
  • Continue to improve desktop start up speed
  • Tweak compiz effects
  • Continue to change apps to use Udev rather HAL
  • Continual integration of Dx assets as available
  • Continual integration of OLS assets as available
  • Normal desktop throughput, such as update GNOME packages, updatesfrom Debian, bug triaging, etc...

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