Oct 29, 2008

Change the default screensaver from black to ubuntu logo

For a while I've tried to get the Ubuntu desktop team to change the default screensaver from black to the animated floating ubuntu logos, but with no luck.

The problem with the current screensaver is that the first time you meet it is when the screen suddenly turns black during the installation. That is very confusing for most users, as the first thought always is that the installation has crashed.

To avoid this confusion and help brand Ubuntu I therefor suggested that floating ubuntu should be default screensaver. This could not be done since saving power is a higher priority - witch seems like a very good reason to decline this suggestion (You can read the debate on the maillinglist links below). So on the 20. October 2008 I added yet another suggestion using both the floating ubuntu screensaver and the powersaving mode.

After five minutes the floating Ubuntu screensaver would start, and two/three minutes later again, the screen would go into a power saving mode.

To me it seems this would solve both our problems and the solution is even very simple to incorporate. However, nine days later not a single reply has been posted on the matter! Why is that?


1 comment:

  1. I think because it'll look cheesy.

    What would be nice if it was a professional demonstration of the OS or something similar - I've seen Acer screensavers that show all of the pretty phorographs of the laptop in different angles and whatnot.