Oct 16, 2008


Ubiquity (the Ubuntu installer) was going to get a new look for 8.10, but due too more crucial issues this has been postponed and that is of course very understandable.
Work has already started on the installer slideshow. You can browse the (.glade and SVG) files on Launchpad.

I really really hope the look and feel or the slickness of Ubuntu will change dramatically for 9.04 (slideshow installer, new theme, new sounds...)

In the style of OpenSUSE here is another of my PS creations :-)


  1. I don't like the opensuse / windows xp style.

    Lets be original :(

  2. WOW! That is nice. I would love to see this interface on my next install. VERY CLASSY!

  3. Nice idea! Only thing others styles (dont use a similar style like XP)