Oct 6, 2008

Ibex wallpaper

If you were one of the people voting on Brainstorm for animal wallpapers for Ubuntu, you might been hoping for an ibex to appear on the Ubuntu 8.10 wallpaper.
However, this isn't very likely to happen as the current wallpaper for the BEAT release doesn't.
Softpedia wrote:
...there's a brand new wallpaper and like it or not, this will be the default one for the final release of Ubuntu 8.10.

Personally I will really miss the ibex. Especially since there's some great ibex artwork on the Art-maillist. Rico Sta. Cruz have made his ibex artwork available for anyone who wants to do their own remix. Here are a few of the remix's I like - take a look below:

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  1. The BEAT release actually does feature a variation of this Ibex design; it's just not the default.