Oct 14, 2008

Ubuntu Wanted update

I've added the new orange banner to the Wanted site (only HTML so far) and made a little Wanted icon for the site. Not everything is possible when you move from a mockup to actual code - especially not with my skills. Here is what the site looks like at the moment:

In case you are wondering why this screenshot is from Windows XP, the explanation is that I need Adobe Photoshop CS3 running. My old Photoshop 7 runs fine with Wine on Ubuntu, but that's another story.
When the code is converted to Durpal it should be uploaded to http://ubuntu-wanted-devel.ideatorrent.org/

The volunteer pool needs some more discussion (more developers are also needed) so that part of the project is for now postponed.

If you want to know more about the progress of the site, check the Ubuntu website mailinglist. Ironically, this project needs help it self. Anything you can contribute is welcome, basic PHP and SQL skills are necessary for coding. Contact Sense either on #ubuntu-website on the IRC, or email the Ubuntu Website mailing list.


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  2. Well... a very very very very hasty dump from my head.

    The purpose of this was to note how a simple selection of typeface with some minor styling can greatly affect the overall tone of piece.

    This is only a pill, but hopefully there is something to be gleaned from the difference in tone and the realization that tonal changes in minor elements could easily affect the overarching tone.


    In this line of thinking, I believe the "Wanted" typeface might benefit from utilizing the standards based typeface. I'd hazard that the "Wanted" in the identity is working with the wild-west pastiche feel but repeating it in the header is too 'on point'.

    Good to see some experimentation. Questions...

    1) Again I'd ask who is this for and what is the tone / communication goal of the design? If it is a place where prospective employers would hunt, what is the tone? Suit and tie? Casual Fridays? Jeans and shirt? Whatever the decision, what aspects of the design pull the tone toward the desired outcome?

    2) Is there an affiliated connection to Ubuntu Brainstorm? The styling would indicate that they are of the same 'company'. Obviously there is an implied connection to Ubuntu and as such, is the hue around the perimeter necessary to 'connect the dots' to the main Ubuntu site? Is there too much implied connection to the other offshoot Ubuntu sites? Is this a unique identity and project unto itself?