Oct 5, 2008

Ubuntu wanted

I've also been working on a layout for the Ubuntu Wanted site.
This will be a great tool for the community ones it's done. Sense Hofstede is doing a great job getting the project started. Of course again, this is just a mockup ;-)


  1. That looks good!

  2. Tremendous effort in seeing this vision through to fruition.

    As is typical of rampant blog comments and such, I'll offer mine:

    1) Replacing the non "Ubuntu" text with a more well designed typeface suitable for display text. This would pertain to the "Wanted" portion of the screenshot, for example.
    2) Establish a standards guide for the typography including the description and such of relevant typefaces. "Help Wanted" might be an example if it is a PNG or like image. No need for utter complexity, but establish perhaps a display text face and some padding rules in a simple and easy to find text file or reference somewhere. Standards guidelines in the world of Free Software are more critical than ever largely because of the diverse population that will be utilizing them.
    3) Consider a more communicative base image for the header. Who is the site for and what are you communicating? Perhaps something with a more directional impact other than swoopy curls could be established? No need to be excruciatingly literal, but a choice that drives the message might be prudent.

    Keep up your tremendous effort.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. Lots of good things to consider ;-)