Mar 20, 2009

Compiz 0.8.2 Fully Released

This is the first stable release of Compiz 0.8 series. This release is the first merged release of both (former) Compiz and Compiz Fusion projects, and what is newly released here is what previously was the -fusion part ; the core part was released on Sunday, March 1st. This release is the result of the 0.7 development series and is mostly a bugfix release. A fully detailed changelog is available here.

From here on Compiz will maintain the 0.8 branch, but no new features will be applied. Instead, most of work will go into the 0.9.x branch, which features a complete rewrite of core. It is not recommend that users use the 0.9.x branch as it is unstable, has a lot of regressions and is only half-complete. Compiz aim to make a 0.9.0 release once we feel that the functionality most users use is there.

The Compiz 0.8.2 tarballs are available at

Bugs/enhancement requests as always goes here.


  1. Very exciting. I think the KDE guys have done a great job with kwin. I hope metacity adds some bling as well. I wonder what GNOME 3.0 will bring?!

  2. The time for a supposed Gnome 3.0 is coming closer, but there is still no clear concept voiced.