Mar 19, 2009

Introducing Jokosher Audio Editor

If Audacity, Ardour, or ReZound are too muddled for your taste, try the easy and powerful Jokosher audio editor.

Jokosher is a simple and powerful multi-track studio. Jokosher provides a complete application for recording, editing, mixing and exporting audio, and has been specifically designed with usability in mind. The developers behind Jokosher have re-thought audio production at every level, and created something devilishly simple to use.

Like many open source programs, Jokosher owes its existence to user dissatisfaction: Early in 2006, the project’s founder, Jono Bacon, was looking for an open source alternative to mixers such as Cubase to produce his “LugRadio” podcast. He wanted the new program to be easy to use – and easy to learn for people without expert knowledge of audio editing. Something like Garageband for Linux. Bacon originally launched the project under the name Jonoedit. He announced the launch in his podcast and asked for developers to join the fun. The result is Jokosher

You can download Jokosher 0.11.1 for Ubuntu 9.04 or 8.10. Previous versions of Ubuntu or Debian are untested but may work if they have a recent version of GStreamer installed. Older versions of Ubuntu aren’t supported without a recent version of GStreamer.

There's also a Jokosher for Windows which is available for testing.


  1. I think Jokosher is a perfect example of what happens when people decide to focus on not just adding fearures, features, features but rather making those features relevant and usable to the everyday user.

    The garageband comparison is spot on - it was certainly my first thought.

    This is the direction the Linux Video editors need to go in - intuitive, easy to use yet still very powerful for pro-sumers.

    Look at how basic movie maker is then look at how powerful iMovie is - both are (pretty much) free. So far linux has nothing comparable to either - most are butt ugly, UI clunky and feature deprived.

  2. You're so right. There's a Linux video editor in the works, but I can't remember the name. I've wanting to blog about that.

    there's a lot of Linux application that could use a UI update.