Mar 27, 2009

Fridge Website Needs a Theme, Can You Help?

The Fridge has been neglected for a while and is coming nowhere close to achieving it's full potential. Tons of people visit this site regularly to get Ubuntu related news. It needs a theme, can you help?

MockUp - DUE Thursday April 2nd
The Ubuntu News team will select a mockup and provide feedback needed for final polish. You do NOT need to create a full-blown design here, just enough to sell your idea.

This is purely a *graphic design* job, submit your mockups and post them as attachments in the Phase 1 section of

Following phases will create HTML/CSS and a Drupal theme. I realize that some people who are great at making designs may not know how to make drupal themes and those who can do drupal stuff may not be great at design. Lets make this a team effort (because I know we've got talent in all the necessary areas).

The goal is to GO LIVE in time for Jaunty release.

Here are the requirements:
== Design ==
- A new visual appearance, harmonious with the ubuntu website but not *just another ubuntu knock off*

- My suggestions would be to stick with the colours and fonts of the ubuntu site but not feel constrained to using the rounded borders with the top right drop down nav

- Attractive, people will feel the site is credible

- A layout that looks like a news website

- Possibly include a special layout for Ubuntu Weekly News, since it is a regular item and has a different format than the other news stories

== Content Types ==
This is the types of content people will view on the site:

News stories

== Blocks ==
These side-bar items will be shown on the site, this may change over time

Popular content
Video podcast

Discussion will take place on the Web Presence Team mailing list but I'll subscribe to this thread so you can ask questions here and I'll reply.