Mar 12, 2009

LTSP LDM theme for Jaunty

As I mentioned earlier I've created a shiny new LDM login screen for Jaunty (LTSP). Kenneth Wimer forwarded the request from Stéphane Graber in this post on the Ubuntu-art mailinglist.

As you can see from the email, there's a lot of limitations when working with LDM rather than GDM:

- Positioning of all widgets is static.
- Text is black and can't be changed to another color. Careful with dark backgrounds
- Most thin clients are limited to 16bit for speed reason so be careful with gradients.
- LDM doesn't crop the background but scale it down.

I came up with a theme which I think meets all the requirements mentioned above. I'll have to emphazise that this is a re-mix of the Greenome wallpaper found at Here is what my version looks like:

Personally, I really think this works great while still fulfilling all the requirements. However I have two concerns.

1. The theme is not matching with the Jaunty desktop wallpaper - because
there is no wallpaper atm. (and I don't think there's any white/light artwork used in Ubuntu, so perhaps it stands out?)

2. As you can see on, the author of Greenome wallpaper has written “by me “ under license. I’ve already contacted to author to ask permission to used, edit and publish his artwork, which has agreed to.

I really hope this will make it into Jaunty, although this is only for the thin client version and regular desktop users won't see it. Desktop users will however be looking at the new black GDM artwork.

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