Mar 1, 2009

Stracciatella GNOME session

Martin Pitt blogged about the availability of the "Stracciatella GNOME session", which allows users and developers to easily access an environment that is closer to the one from upstream GNOME. It still contains the Ubuntu patches, as providing packages without them is not currently feasible, but it does remove Ubuntu added components, initially the new notification system. So you will be able to choose between the “Ubuntuized” and a more “upstream-like” GNOME experience. Martin Pitt wrote a beautiful metaphor for this in his blogpost:

...I called that “stracciatella GNOME session”, after the favorite kind of ice cream which is mostly vanilla (GNOME), but with some brown chocolate chips (Ubuntu modifications) in it.

Sounds delicious Martin.


  1. His blog link is broken

  2. Thank you, I'll edit the link ASAP