Oct 28, 2009

Andrew Thomas says 'Ubuntu is still rubbish'

I just read Andrew Thomas' "review" of Ubuntu 9.10 and I must say...WTF!
It seems to me that these days anyone can become a tech journalist.

 Andrew Thomas writes: 

...Linux is like a really ugly baby: only its mother could possibly love it. So, yet again, it's a case of not even close and definitely no cigar.

Source:  http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/44443/140/


  1. I just happened upon this site looking for information on xsplash, and read this article and linked site.

    All I can say is... WOW!

    Thanks for posting this. I got a chuckle!

  2. That was the most nonsensical article I have read in the whole of 2009. It just showed clearly how ignorant the author is and how dumb the site is to have made him publish such amateurish gibberish on it. Ugh!!!!!

  3. this freak is right about one thing: partitioning is the hardest stage in ubuntu installation, and user (esp. not claiming himself to be a techie) is highly responsible for his decision

    i mean that partitioning actually can be simpler, and user should clearly see which OSes are currently installed and where thay are (and maybe the way that OSes give names for partitions), and what he will get after the installation

    ubuntu (with grub) is capable to totally outplay offtopic OSes in this feature