Oct 16, 2009

New Startup Sounds

Way back before Intrepid was released, I created some system sounds for Ubuntu, because I felt the Ubuntu startup sound needed to be replaced. They didn't make it in, because they were too Vista'ish - which I fully agree with. So, I'm working on some more Ubuntu spirit sounds, but this is no easy task. I have a few ideas I haven't tried out yet, but I would like your feedback on the ideas below. Please cast your vote in the sidebar! (God I miss Wordpress!)

Sorry about the file-size :-(

Suggestion number 1

Suggestion number 2

Suggestion number 3

Suggestion number 4

Suggestion number 5

Did you spot the Vista'ish one? If you want you can grab my Intrepid suggestion from my portfolio on www.Behance.net/madsrh123


  1. If you miss Wordpress, why are you on blogger? Are you able to use polldaddy to put a poll in your post as opposed to the sidebar on here?

  2. Sadly I don't like any of them.

    high_pitch.wav is exactly that, feels like needles in my ears.

    kalimba groove.wav sounds like a nintendo DS game.

    kalimba medium 90bmp.wav sounds too (technical term) plinky plonky, with no depth.

    owl.wav sounds more like whalesong to me and is too resonant. I think it would have me lunging for the volume.

    start.ogg sounds like the sting before the weather report.

    Sorry :(

  3. I think the key things that make the Vista sounds work are a) they are really short, b) they are mellifluous, not grating [the current drum error sound practially gives me a coronary ever time I hear it, it's so jarring], and c) they are unobtrusive, but noticable at the same time.

    You've got b) down, for sure, and c) too, to a lesser extent. Unfortunately, Canonical can't pay you the obscene amount of money MS must have shelled out to Robert Fripp, so I doubt you have the luxury of devoting the amount of time to this that he did. Still, excellent work.

  4. Actually, strike that. It's been so long since I booted into Vista that I had conflated the shutdown sound (which is brilliantly simple and short) with the startup sound. The sounds here hold up pretty well against that one, although I'd prefer them to be maybe a third shorter.

  5. You definitely have to submit these for Lucid!

    I prefer the Suggestion #2, it captures the same kind of feeling that the current ubunut login sound does, but it is a bit more professional and not as intrusive/loud :-)

  6. To be honest I don't like these. They don't sound distinct enough. I've always thought that ubuntu sounds should sound very nature-oriented.

  7. i think you should make this poll in Ubuntu Brainstorm not here.

  8. Any of them are better in my opinion... Im so sick of those bloody drums going off in the library.. did the person who made them have any clue?