Oct 23, 2009

Creating Marketing Material

I've been working on a Danish leaflet/flyer/brochure for the Danish release party. I've used the Ubuntu Leaflet as base, and changed the colors to fit Karmic.

Here's the (original) Ubuntu Leaflet:

For the Karmic Koala release party we (the Danish Ubuntu community) will be doing something a little different. This time we want to try to reach out to people who have never heard of Ubuntu before.
On Saturday 14th November 2009, we’ll set up a handful of delicious laptops in the shopping mall Bruuns Galleri in Aarhus. By each table, one or two people from our group will demonstrate and talk about Ubuntu. We'll hand out free CDs and a Danish version of the Ubuntu leaflet for those who might be interested.
Afterwards we'll do something more relaxed, community minded and probability more geeky in cooperation with Østjyllands Linux-usergroup øjlug.

The text for the Danish leaflet has been translated, edited and written by members from the Danish community. To do this in the most effective way we created a wiki page for easy management. I'm planning to add this brochure to SpreadUbuntu.
Here's a preview of the Danish version (still only a draft):

You can also grab a higher resolution version .PDF here: http://wiki.ubuntu-dk.org/Marketing/brochure


  1. Hi mads, could you count the number of people asking whether is Win 7 if you show some compiz feautres ? - Thx

  2. Hey,
    if I want to come and help/hang out with you guys in Århus, is that something I'll have to arrange or can I just show up?

  3. Since a couple days i have been watching your work... i'm amazed, I use Ubuntu and would love to colaborate doing some more... x-splash screen??? boot screen?? and I don't have any idea how to do it. could you post just a little tutorial or just mention with which program to develop? is it just a video? is it realtime generated? i don't want all the answers, just something to start by my own (i know it is much time to make a tutorial) and maybe later i could colaborate with you, give you some comments, suggestions, etc. about your work :D THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!