Oct 15, 2009

Receiving X-Splash Feedback

Lately I've become tired of reading the comments people write to my X-splash mockups. I receive about one to two new comments per day, on my five suggestions which are posted on YouTube, the Wiki and this blog. It is not because I don't want the criticism or feedback, but I primarily experience two kinds of comments.

1. The short positive comment: "This looks AMAZING!"

2. The rip off accusation: "This looks like Windows 7"

Of course the first one is okay. It's always nice with a pat on the back, but this type of "feedback" isn't really useful.
The second one is the one that annoys me. Although I see the similarity, and why Canonical would want to avoid such a comparison, this idea came long before Windows 7 received it's boot screen. During the Hardy cycle I came across a U-splash suggestion on the artwork wiki. The idea is little different from what I came up with, but this is what the concept looks like:

I really liked this concept and quickly created a mockup of my own version of the idea.

As you can see from the date (Feb 11 2008) on Ubuntu-art.org, where this is posted, this is again long before Windows 7 ever was released to the public. Perhaps the Microsoft designers have been seeking inspiration in the Ubuntu community ;-) Know what I mean? Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Today LanHikari90 posted this comment on my 4th animated boot splash idea:
Really nice. I wish, it would be the official boot screen.
But sadly it is just a rip-off of the Windows 7 bootscreen. And to all these guys who say it isn't: It obviously is!

I've considered disabling the comments or even removing the videos, but every now and then someone will write something worth reading.


  1. Well I'm sure you've already spotted that there are 2 people that are likely to comment, and you got both of them. The thing is just to ignore those comments, like the one from LanHikari90. The majority of the time, people who are so certain they are right, are quite often wrong. As you've just shown us.

    Anyway I personally think you should keep coming up with designs because some of your work is incredible. But leave up the comments so we can keep patting you on the back.

    I especially like the one with the dots floating around. But I can't give you any more feedback than that, because I don't see how you could improve it. What I would say, is you should try proposing to the Ubuntu artwork team that they ship with multiple options for the boot screen as they've done with the wallpapers.

  2. Hey,

    I do understand your reaction but, whether these comments are from silly or honest people, even from MS fans/supporters,
    you should be reading them as feedback.
    Welcome or not, nice or not.
    It IS feedback.

    You can't have all the positive reactions
    while everything animated reminds of Win (such a huge presentage of pc users).

    Your work is much appreciated.

  3. mrjack -> Thanks. Surely I don't just want positive feedback. I'm very happy to reading negative feedback as well, as long as it's constructive.