Oct 7, 2009

My Artwork in Xubuntu 9.10

I was, to say the least, honored when I discovered that the Xubuntu artteam would include my fourth x-splash suggestion. The animation that looks like fireflies or sparkles, has been tweak a bit to match the colors of Xubuntu has now landed as the x-splash throbber in Xubuntu 9.10!

Cody Somerville took this with his Android phone:

Xubuntu 9.10 booting.

Besides the x-splash I must say Xubuntu 9.10 with it's Albatross theme is looking AWESOME! Check it out...


  1. Hey Mads,

    kudos to your work on the Xsplash. It's absolutely amazing! Yay for Scandinavia!

  2. Nicely done, congratulations!

  3. Xubuntu has never looked better. Superb job!

  4. Xubuntu looks cool, well done with x-splash

  5. I loved your artwork of fireflies in karmic. I miss them a lot in lucid. I hope the artwork team will bring it back! :)