Oct 21, 2009

Head Tracking for Desktop with Wii

Johnny Lee talks about yet another awesome way to interact with your computer.

As of June 2008, Nintendo has sold nearly 30 million Wii game consoles. This significantly exceeds the number of Tablet PCs in use today according to even the most generous estimates of Tablet PC sales. This makes the Wii Remote one of the most common computer input devices in the world. Johnny Lee's projects are an effort to explore and demonstrate applications that the millions of Wii Remotes in world readily support.

Using the infrared camera in the Wii remote and a head mounted sensor bar (two IR LEDs), you can accurately track the location of your head and render view dependent images on the screen. You don't actually need the Wii console. This effectively transforms your display into a portal to a virtual environment. The display properly reacts to head and body movement as if it were a real window creating a realistic illusion of depth and space.

Thanks to Johnny Chung Lee, Carnegie Mellon University for this enlightenment. For more information and software visit: http://johnnylee.net/


  1. I built a game using this technique on Ubuntu for a University project - www.drop-game.co.uk/pages/video.php

  2. If I'm not wrong, this guy sign with Microsoft to develop the Natal Project... Nintendo didn't want to take profit of this guy....