Apr 17, 2009


As an Ubuntu user I rarely speak of the proprietary software I use. Not because it's a secret or because I find it embarrassing, I just don't want to start yet another discussion on the topic of open-source vs. proprietary software.

I'm using the fantastic DropBox, which is proprietary software - but still free. If you've never heard about DropBox check out this screencast at: http://www.getdropbox.com/screencast#screencast

After using Dropbox for almost a year, I must say it's great. Everything is very userfriendly (which sometimes can be hard to find on Linux) and the web interface for Dropbox is great. I highly recommend giving it a try.

I've heard that ifolder could do something similar, but I haven't yet had the time to check that out.

Steven Harms recently wrote a blogpost about DropBox


  1. Wow! this is quite an awesome post I read today! just created an account, and had uploaded couple of folders and stuff; it's working smoothly and really is user-friendly.

    Kudos for the post!

  2. Hi, i testd it a while ago on a 8.10 system
    a) it consumes lot of memory and cpu
    b) it's confused if you don't have internet access atm
    c) it writes into various locations and isn't transparent enough for users that they see that dropbox isn't stealing data.

    All in all I removed the linux client and prefer the web UI

  3. ShaMan -> Thanks ;-)

    benste -> Non of the issues you mentioned have been a problem for me. I do love having the folder in Nautilus, so only using the web UI is a "no go" for me.

  4. If you sign up for dropbox by clicking the link Here 250mb will be added to both of our accounts plus the standard 2gigs. We both win!