Apr 4, 2009

Jaunty CD label artwork

Okay, so this really didn't take me more than five minutes. I've edit one of my 8.04 CD labels to match Jaunty (edited text and changed background). I didn't take the time to create a vector version so I hope the resolution works out fine.

I realise now that I've only posted the 8.04 dvd cover artwork and not the labels on this blog (the labels can be found on the ubuntuforum)

Grab the large image here...

I didn't create this one, but it very practical :-)

Grab it here...


  1. Can you make one with amd64 and i386? Or give the source file?

  2. Jordan -> Yes. I've uploaded a version without any text. Enjoy


  3. THANK YOU - finally found what I was looking for, and a nice version too.

  4. THANK YOU - I like this one...